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Rules of the Road

Thu, Nov 19th, 2009

Rules of the Road


  1. Rule 1:

    Gas up before meeting to leave for an event.

  2. Rule 2:

    Eat breakfast unless it’s decided before hand that we’ll stop to eat.

  3. Rule 3:

    Make sure walkie-talkies are on board and charged.

  4. Rule 4:

    Travel in left lane to avoid people coming around an 18 wheeler on to you.

  5. Rule 5:

    Keep at all times a car length between each other. This gives you time to brake in case something happens.

  6. Rule 6:

    If something happen to anyone, all cars don’t pull over only 2 or 3. Others cars go to the nearest rest area or exit, whichever comes first? If it’s an exit and there is a gas station, gas up if needed and wait for others.

  7. Rule 7:

    Change lanes only when ½ or all can do it at the same time. Remember Road Captain, you are driving for all and not just for yourself. Road Captain and back door Captain should be in communication at all times. Other members are to keep the channel clear. Please use your turn signals at all times.

  8. Rule 8:

    If you need to stop for any reason, restroom, gas and etc, let the Road Captain know.

  9. Rule 9:

    Slower drivers should be in front of the pack behind the Road Captain because you will be going at almost the same speed; ones farther to the rear will be going at a faster speed. Note: Road Captain’s speed is determined by the number of cars, what cars, speed limit and the flow of traffic.

  10. Rule 10:

    Do not throw stuff out of windows while traveling down/up highways.

  11. Rule 11:

    Remember, if there is a slow moving car, and you’re able to get in front of it, then you’re to slow down so the other members can get in front of you. Always get in front of our member and don’t try to squeeze behind him, because this could cause an accident.

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